Tough Rubber Ball Chew Toy

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Want a challenging toy for your puppy dogs? Want to keep your pup occupied, play, and exercise while enjoying their threat?The Athletic Pup Treat Ball is the newest toy your pets will be crazy for. This will make your little pup play while enjoying their treat. Also stimulates their hunting senses as they strive to reach their treats! 

This toy is made up of tough rubber. This ensures your god can enjoy it for a while and continue to chew away! The treats can be gently squeezed through the lines running up and down the ball. This is the perfect
 toy to keep them exercised, enjoy and definitely, happy, at all times! 

Features :

• Made of rubber

• Resistance to bite  Interactive Toy 

• Effectively help clean the teeth

• Massages gums and tongue, reducing dental plaque and tartar breeding, thus preventing a variety of oral diseases   

• Exercises the facial muscles

• Throws dog-puppy taste-bud parties