Hands-Free Dog Leash

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Product Description:

This innovative leash uses Zero Shock Technology to reduce the impact and strain from overzealous dogs that tend to pull. This advanced shock-absorbing component in the center of the leash cushions and eases the pressure for both the owner and the dog. You'll have no problem navigating crowded areas and tight spots. This all-in-one leash also featured with a waist pouch to carry cellphones, keys, earphones, snacks, wallet, etc. Get ride of heavy bag and free your hands, it is the perfect companion for walking, hiking, running, jogging with your dog.

Main Features:

  • The adjustable waist pouch with 2 buckles makes the leash easily fit anyone's waist.Sturdy and stretchy, this leash is both weather resistant and strong enough to handle dogs of all shapes and sizes
  • The adjustable waist pouch makes the dog leash easily fit anyone's waist. Sturdy and stretchy, this dog leash is both weather resistant and strong enough to handle dogs of all shapes and sizes
  • Considerate design, make sure you can be easily seen from any angle in the dark, jogging or walking with no worries
  • The dog leash is made of high quality weather resistant nylon and held together by strong ABS belt clips with strong metal clasps and D-Rings
  • With the adjustable waistband, which can be adjusted from 39" to 45.5", no need to worry about whether it's too loose or tight, also the leash can be adjusted, providing enough freedom for you and your dog, auto-buckle design on it letting you wear more quickly and easily


This dog Leash is suitable for small- and medium-sized dogs. 110 pounds of pets please be careful and choose ban, because the dog's bigger impact will drag people to avoid personal injury.