Dog Treats Tumbler

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Does your pup have favorite toys he can't get enough of! Love to watch them get winded and staying active?! Also rewarding them for their efforts is so satisfying as a dog parent. So, what better addition to their toys than something that keeps them physically and mentally active, and also treats them for their efforts.

This is the Tumbler Leakage Ball Dog Bite Toy! It's perfect for your pups indoor physical activity. When you're home and when you're not home. The opening at the top allows a pleasant snack odor to call your pups name, and get ready for the game! This increases your puppy dogs movement, since they will do anything for treats! 

Features :

• This toys Labyrinth Design greatly increases the hunting difficulty.  

• Removing the top lid allows you to add food inside. 

• Vents allow the delicious treat odor to creep out and keep pups intrigued. 

• Adjustable flaps to control the speed and difficulty of food discharge.

• The toy can be disassembled and cleaned.